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office on thursday. the australiaens are visiting japan until wednesday on a trip sponsored by the japanese government. he said he felt deep remost and offered a heart felt apology for the tremendous suffering of so many people including australian pows. richards called it a historic event saying they are significant to the p.o.w.s. and their families. also said the government will begin preparations to deliver similar copies to other former australian p.o.w.s. over the weekend they are scheduled to visit sites where they were held during the war. >>> turning to our japan syndrome series, we look at the challenges created by this country's aging and declining population. some of those challenges are sparking business opportunities, nursing care for one is something many asian nations are focusing on. there's a reason behind this. the graph shows the percentage of people who are older than 65 in five asian countries them elderly population of thailand and china will reach 14% in 20 years. that means they will be considered so-called aged societies. at the same time, japan, si
in japan, that helped the exporters. all in all, hong kong up 1.25%, shanghai 1.3%, and australia with a 1.2% gain. >>> well, if you thought that was impressive, let's have a look at the u.s. markets. and essentially what we're looking at is the best sessions of gains so far this year for the dow in thursday's trading. encouraging report on jobs, which we had out on wednesday. ahead of the big jobs report later today, along with an easing of energy prices. dow up by 1.6%. the nasdaq, doing even better than that, very nearly 2% to the good, and the s&p 500 somewhere between the two, up by 1.75%. now, i think we're going to have a less feverish start when trading begins later on friday. this is a look at the futures market, and this is really flat. overall, looking to see whether that is going to continue. what i think will really be setting the tone for the trading day as i mentioned is the latest u.s. jobs report, the non-farm payrolls for february are due right before the opening bell. and, of course, come on the heels of good news on jobless claims. 368,000 people filed for unemployment
. this year, it starts on march 26th. >> now the nearly 100-year-old trees, they were a gift from japan in 1912 and yesterday, the national park service released when the nearly 100- year-old gifts from japan will reach peak bloom. lesli foster has the details. >> the cherries are not reliable, they don't cooperate, i'm sorry. i said it before, i'll say it again. they're the oldest, most reliable living things in our capital. >> reporter: rob predicts march 29th through april 3rd will be when you may be able to see the cherry blossoms in full bloom. this is his 20th year making the peak prediction. >> each year, over one million people attend the national cherry blossom festival. they come to the event and they see the blossoms. >> reporter: over 30 organizations participate in the cherry blossom festival, a tradition in d. c. after japan gave the trees as a gift 99 years ago. >> this first of all is very important because this leads to next year's centennial. >> reporter: highlights include the largest japanese cultural festival in the nation. >> a new feature this year, the science pa
's military and other militaries operating in the region. >> we've seen china have spats with japan. what does china sea as the potential military threats to its -- china see as potential military threats to its security? >> you are right in pointing out that we've seen china become -- there was this out with japan late last year. that was over a disputed chain of islands. we will also see china renewing its claims to waters in the south china seas, as well as territory. we've also seen china becoming more assertive, according to india, in regard to the two- country bordered dispute. the fear is in the region that china is becoming more assertive. the country could be increasingly emboldened by its military might. china is insisting that this is for peaceful means and they say their priority going into the future is the economy and domestic stability within china itself. >> thank you very much. from beijing to the business news. >> u.s. jobs are very important numbers. the latest jobs report will show will show -- jobs report will show if growth in the world's largest economy is translating in
markets were -- saw a second day of gains. japan's nikkei added more than 1% while hong kong's hang seng also rose more than 1%. and oil keeps gushing. this morning the cost for a barrel of crude hovered near $103. >>> today, besides the jobs report wall street gets the very latest on factory orders. on thursday, stocks saw their biggest gains of the year. the dow shot up 191 points. a 1.5% jump. while the nasdaq tacked on about 50. >>> the sky is the limit for airfares. thursday delta kicked off a new round of ticket hikes with a $20 increase for some domestic flights. american added 10 bucks but applied it to all trips. united, continental and us airways quickly matched. this is the sixth time they've raised fares this month. all blame it on rising fuel costs. >>> the price is going up at the pump, as well. gas prices, which were already the highest ever for early march jumped another four cents on thursday. according to aaa the national average is $3.43 for a gallon of regular. americans are now paying 30 cents more for a gallon than they were before the crisis in libya began. >>> chr
. >> but teams from a number of nations, including the u.k., the u.s.a., japan, taiwan, korea, china, new zealand -- they typically work in their own national units. where possible we have tried but teams and in areas where they can focus on places we know some of their countrymen are liable to be located. they work on a shift roster. they do 30 minutes on, 30 minutes all. they rotate. they're the most amazing, dedicated people. they have reduced risk to a minimum. risk that would be beyond anything we would normally accept in our lives. and they have focused on one thing -- with great optimism and a degree of hope he reads from the beginning -- and they still have that now. they still think light of the book may be somewhere." and that is the way they work. >> the latest headlines for you this hour. the libyan air force claims they are launching a new attack and in eastern libya. gaddafi is being investigated for possible crimes against humanity. president obama is sending aircraft to aid refugees fleeing libya peary had hundreds more -- fleeing libya. hundreds more have fled suit and an italian
gotten from a couple others. in japan tel, there was a new karaoke bar. it was basically an old carry a keyboard that changed ownership. we did a little bit of education, -- it was an old karaoke bar. and last, the only incident we have the we have not gotten a police report on yet was an assault and stabbing in the mission area, and the interesting thing is that at this time, one, we are not sure about the nexus between that and the surrounding bars, and two, we are not sure if the bar have a permit in the first place. this may not be in our purview at all. we are just waiting for more information at this time, and that is all i have. thank you. president newlin: commissioners, any questions? any items from the public? seeing none, we will move on to item four. none. all right, item number five, a hearing and possible action regarding applications for permits under the jurisdiction of the entertainment division. item a, artura angulo, dba southtown arcade, 447 stockton. >> a retail store on the union square side. as i understand, it will have local art from local artists and st. cult
leagues with the giants 11 years ago, since then he has been to other organizations, been to japan but back. >>> the a's signed josh willingham to add a little pop to the mid-of the lineup. look at the people in the outfield. come on, come on. for crying out loud. everybody is around. anyway, the brew crew comes back to win 11-9. >>> offensive lineman and form you are number 2 pick, robert gallery, number 76 there. he will not return to the raiders because he wants 8 million per year. the team is offering 2.5 million, in short they are farther apart than cbs and charlie sheen. >> it's like winning. >>> okay. so the president has two warps, a middle east meltdown, a foreclosure crisis and way too many republicans in the house and he is supposed to be worried about the nfl work stoppage? no. . >> my expectation and hope is that they'll resolve it without me intervening because it turns out i've got a lot of other stuff to do. [ laughter ] >>> number 4, the 82 old food machinery corporation building was demolished to make way for the san jose earthquake's new $50 million stadium that
gigabytes were taken. they were being taken by iproject through apple frameworks from russia, japan, korea, as well as italy. after i dismanteled the site, what was announced by the new york stock exchange was that the nasdaq was hacked into. i believe base on the times i was certified, the certificates by the department defense that it was me. no one heeded my call until i started getting calls from the nasdaq. i am now working with the f.b.i., agent jeff graham. i'm working with two people at the secret service. katherine pierce. i am working with -- i am talking to graham bowles at "the new york times." unfortunately, in this process, when the police come to my place and ask the things i'm doing with regards to unhooking cables and such, they took me for a 5150. president chiu: thank you. actually, everyone gets the same amount of time. but thank you very much. next speaker? >> may i speak in spanish? president chiu: you can if you want to repeat everything you just said in spanish. if you would like to trabs late into spanish, you can speak into spanish. [speaking in spanish]
as a neefrp virginia, maryland, and even overseas in japan. his formal sentencing is set for late may. >>> police in prince george's county has charged seven sorority sisters from the university of maryland with assault and hazing. a pledge in the sorority told the police that the girlsssaulted her at least three times. and she said it was part of her initiation. six of the women appeared in court today. the seventh will be in court in two weeks. that sorority has been suspended by the university since november. >>> metro's new bag search policy could be headed to court. the aclu says the policy's unconstitutional, and they're threatening to sue the transit agency. the new measure started late last year to boost security metro, but the aclu argues that they invade people's privacy and do very little to actually make metro safer. >>> coming up, there's a report that says most of us aren't getting nearly enough sleep. >> also ahead, a high-tech tool to bypass those pesky customer service recordings. how twitter is helping businesses connect with customers. >>> and experts arennounce pre
near the level in terms of debt that's going to make us fall off a cliff. japan has just added -- had itself sovereign debt downgraded by two of the three ratings agency. they're still a prosperous country. i value his intelligence and his knowledge, but he's just wrong here. >> that's nice to hear. let me push back a little bit. you're clearly right. the total size of our economy, gdp, will be second to china in a number of years. almost inevitably. but per capita gdp which is perhaps more important, how much wealth is generated for each person? you're right, it will be larger than theirs, that's the good news. aren't we losing the nej terms of capacity to enzo straight and produce so that more -- increasingly wealth creation is traveling to asia? whether it's china, vietnam, even to latin america, whether it's central america or brazil? >> well, they have a high labor -- highly skilled, highly mobile, highly motivated labor force in those countries. they're acquiring a lot of education and human capital. adam smith said that the true wealth of nations was in the intelligence, energy
in washington state inaction agenda, a scientifically credible plan for restoration. japan's on getting state federal funding to make this thing work. i know the administration has a tremendous interest to the chesapeake bay, but the difference in funding between the chesapeake bay, not the chesapeake day, but the great lakes. and i wish they had a similar positive view on the chesapeake bay. we feel it with your friends here these are two extremely important bodies of water. and it's been obvious that the administration can't handle the money that has been given to the great lakes. i mean, it's just one out the door. so i just hope one, the u.n. says that the chesapeake, but they need inaction agenda. they need a scientifically credible plan in epa now is in charge of the recovery in the chesapeake bay and i hope you will take that seriously. a lot of the run if issues that are neglected by the state should be addressed in the know you're trying to do that. >> distinguished ranking member yield? spinnaker not suggesting to take away from the lakes? >> i just like to see the budget gives more
. this is the part that is coming from japan. it will not take as long, this is the final what were they will strangle the cables through to give it this signature of the bay bridge. it is ahead of schedule. the happy to get this done without any hitches. by the way they have been working on this for years. any problems at de encounter it day know what to do. that is seven and 30 2:00 a.m., >>mark: had bought a pripet. here is a look ahere is a look s lick. pleasantly clear conditions. temperatures are 5-6 degrees warmer than the it were yesterday. this next bout of ride coming. the rest of us will see it on sunday. temperatures this afternoon it, 40's and '50's and 60's, every bay area location will be enjoying the weather. it will be an nice, warm afternoon. we are watching the pacific because this is where the storm is coming on sunday. it could be hurt saturday night. we will mail a letter out monday and tuesday. things will warm up into the 60s. >>george: a couple of hot spots. this time, for the san mateo bridge. in hayward on that i-92 right past the toll plaza. word is that
and japan. these were total wars on the conditions of total defeat. in the age of post em -- imperial empires, they do not bow down. the most extraordinary and bizarre statement ever made in contemporary was rumsfeld shock and awe. we had shock people and from that they will bow down and consent. what makes the new arab revolutions difference -- different is these were from below. with the international or national conditions. here you had the extraordinary pressure on local economies and arab economies, rising commodity prices, rising food prices, which impacted directly on the dire and stance of living. at the same time, you have a hugely young population wired together more than before with rising expectations. an educational system that works and turned out educated people and educated people driving buses. nothing wrong with driving buses, but finding the roles and occupations lower than the expectations that they have. this produces the blow. that seems to be historicically creates greater conditions for the democracy than anything that the britain or america were trying to do i
Search Results 0 to 17 of about 18 (some duplicates have been removed)